Artist Testimonials

“I always look forward to doing sessions at BIG EGO with Chris and Devin. They help make our world better by their work and have created an environment where art and technology come together in a highly effective and loving way. I am always blown away at the caliber of musicians that Chris draws from.”

Stephen Hodges, drummer, teacher, composer (Tom Waits, Mavis Staples, Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me)

"BIG EGO studio man Chris Schlarb made it a reality!"

Mike Watt, bassist, punk legend, opera composer (Minutemen, The Stooges)

"BIG EGO is a special place where you can just be yourself, try things, and experiment. My experience there has been full of so much love, light and happiness, and I am proud to be a part of that community."

Clementine Creevy, guitarist, singer/songwriter (Cherry Glazerr)

"I always look forward to working at BIG EGO! Great sounds and vibes out there in Long Beach."

Jeff Parker, guitarist, bandleader, composer (Tortoise, Brian Blade Fellowship)

"At BIG EGO, I found everything one could ask for in a recording studio: engineers who had that sixth sense on how to bring out the very best sound from each musician, a wonderful sounding room, and an atmosphere where creative juices were encouraged to flow. In this way, BIG EGO takes its place among the world's greatest recording studios."

Susan Alcorn, pedal steel guitarist, improvisor, composer

"My experience producing music at BIG EGO is that it’s a place where musicians want to play. There’s such a strong sense of music as a communal act, something we create together not something that’s assembled bit by bit. I think BIG EGO is a studio that puts friends and family and community first. It makes everyone feel valued and ready to do their best work."

Tabor Allen, drummer & producer (Cherry Glazerr, Psychic Temple)

"It don't get much better than this. Chris is all about the music. He gets the job done. With the flat rate and great sounding room you can't go wrong."

Chad Taylor (Chicago Underground, Pharaoh Sanders, Marc Ribot)

"Family owned, great gear, comfortable, professional vibe and very affordable. Highly recommended."

SASAMI, guitarist/keyboardist, singer/songwriter

"#1 studio in LA. Music comes first, that's all you need to know."

Kris Tiner, trumpeter, composer (Wadada Leo Smith, Empty Cage Quartet)

"Beautiful studio with a nice old school vibe and killer mics and instruments."

Ronan Chris Murphy, producer, mixer, engineer (GWAR, King Crimson)

"BIG EGO has literally made my dreams come true. Beautiful studio, gear and people. Highest recommendation possible."

David Lord, guitarist, composer, bandleader

“Choosing to make my first record at BIG EGO was a sublime experience. The in-house gear and caliber of musicians here are just the baseline reasons why this studio sparkles. This record sounds better than I could ever dream up. It’s all due to BIG EGO’s honest, full-scale commitment to elevating the music in all ways possible.”

Katie Jo Oberthaler, Katie Jo & The Mijos

"One of the best studios in Southern California! A beautiful room, both sonically and aesthetically!"

Anthony Shadduck, bassist, bandleader

"BIG EGO is a true music studio and I would recommend it to any of my real musician friends."

Maxx Diaz, bassist, songwriter (W I R E S)

"I’ve been recording music for decades and I’m so happy I stumbled into this hidden gem. The last experience I had was gorgeous. The tunes came out thick and rich..."

Jesse Wilder, guitarist, teacher, songwriter

"BIG EGO has everything you need to succeed. Chris & Adriana put their heart and soul into place and it shows."

Miles Maltbie, guitarist, singer/songwriter (Werwisp)

"The environment is super comfortable, the acoustics are great. Saying that people running it are great, is a real understatement."

Brian Moore, bassist

"BIG EGO is the jam... Great room, great gear, great people!"

Danny T. Levin (DD Horns, Snoop Dogg, Glen Campbell)