Recording with Mike Watt

What can you say about Mike Watt? The man is a legend. A truly one-of-a-kind human being. From being a founding member of the The Minutemen, to his own solo career (half of Nirvana and three quarters of Sonic Youth back him on Ball-Hog or Tugboat?), Watt has always stayed true to himself. I'm grateful to call Mike Watt a friend and collaborator. No matter what crazy idea I come to him with, he's always up for the challenge, as he was in this photo from August 16th, 2016. I assembled 11 musicians to perform and record a special Psychic Temple album live in the studio. Essentially a double quartet, it included two drummers, two bassists, two guitarists, two keyboardists, and three horns. Simple charts were written before the session and no headphones were used. We recorded two takes of each song and used the second take of each track as the master take.