Recording with Max Bennett

I started production on Psychic Temple IV this weekend. I began writing new songs around the time we mixed down Psychic Temple III with Ronan Chris Murphy. I wanted to start with a mix of old Psychic Temple members (Tabor Allen, John Clement Wood) and new inductees (Danny Frankel, Avi Buffalo). The final member of the ensemble was bassist Max Bennett. Born in 1928, Max was a member of the legendary Wrecking Crew has played with everyone from Ella Fitzgerald and Marvin Gaye to the Beach Boys and Otis Spann.

Max was also the bassist on four of my favorite albums ever recorded, Hot Rats by Frank Zappa and Court and Spark, Hissing of Summer Lawns, and Hejira by Joni Mitchell. There were moments during the session where I could hear phrases from his playing on those records. Needless to say, it was absolutely incredible.