Fiddle In The Middle

Over the last few months I've had the pleasure of producing albums ranging from progressive jazz (Jeremy Trezona's Phantoms) to orchestral pop (Paulie Pesh's Nine Spirits) to one man band instrumental jazz-rock fusion (Nathaniel Frank's forthcoming LP). The most recent project is Philip Glenn's old-time fiddle music debut, Outsider.

We kept things simple: two rehearsals, a couple of pre-production meetings, and one day in studio with a full band. We knocked out seven of the album's ten songs in a single marathon session. A second date is booked for August that includes vocal overdubs, and the final solo and duo recordings. Everything was tracked live in the room with no headphones. We took full advantage of the Tree Audio Roots Console and engaged subtle compression (especially on double bass and drums) and EQ while tracking. The album features no edits, studio trickery, or artificial reverb. Two tracks were dedicated to room and hall reverbs during recording and we'll use them exclusively for the final mix down. And yes, we used one microphone (an AKG C414 XLS) on the entire drum kit.